Friday, October 5, 2012

It's A Koala's Life

I might still be riding high on residual hormones and that intoxicating new baby scent
(with a little lack of sleep thrown in for good measure), but I'm calling it.

Best. Thing. Ever.

Newborn snuggles.

That koala bear conforming cuddle where their gorgeous little body becomes an extension of your own.
That complete surrender and relaxation.
That warmth.
That smell.
That trust.

And it's portable!
I could travel the world and find no greater view, really.
Sob, sob.

Missi - pleeeeeease - just pause darling.
Right here, right now. Stop.
(Well, maybe you could decide whether you're going to have hair or not first.
 Patchy patch isn't the hottest look right now!)

I hope I never forget this beautiful, precious feeling.

And if one day I do
- Missi and Magoo best be giving me some gran babies (and a granny flat in proximity) to remind me.

Shar :-)


Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

So so precious Shar. She is adorable.

Shelley said...

When you find that pause button, let me know.
I miss those new born cuddles.
Cluck cluck x

Laura @ Twenty5seven said...

And look at your smile....such a happy proud mama (or delirious off lack of sleep, i understand)

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a beautiful post & such heart felt words. I feel all warm & gooey now. Your Missi is spectacular... & she looks like her big bro in that last shot xo

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

I'm a mushy puddle after reading that, seriously a puddle! Missi is divine! x

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I am seriously clucky ducky after looking at those gorgeous pics. I so miss that new baby smell and those cuddles, OH those cuddles! Enjoy beautiful girl xx