Sunday, October 21, 2012

Point + Shoot : Weekend Wins

After a week of feeling like I was on a bit of a losing streak
(boo hoo - poor me - suck it up Mrs!!!),
this weekend was the perfect win.

I didn't come into a large sum of cash - or even a tiny one.
I didn't cross any finish lines triumphant - or even exhausted.
But this weekend let me have some nice little wins that have refreshed body, mind and soul.

It doesn't take much to turn things around...

A return to smoother night feeds (and cuddles) with the bub.
A run. Or two.
Less tears and more smiles - from all of us.
Time to actually talk to my Hubby.
A long awaited swim school accomplishment for Magoo.
Extra cute Missi smiles.
My new favourite sleeping bag on sale.
Drinks with neighbours and friends.
The freshest turkish bread ebber from our local bakery.
Finally washing that poor smelly dog.
Genuine belly laughs.
Welcoming another new bubby into the family.
Both children napping at the same time during the day. Twice.
An afternoon in sunny wine country with friends...

Thank you weekend.
I look forward to when we next meet again.

How was yours?

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Shar :-)


Lisa said...

Man I love the weekend. kudos on having babes with synchronised sleeps - win! x

Modern Day Mummying said...

YAY for great weekends and restful nights! It's amazing what a good nights rest can do for the soul. You sound very content :) All's right with the world...

Sophie xo

Mandy Ferry said...

see that's why I love to come here and visit, you always manage to see things with a cup half full.

Coal Valley View said...

Weekends are the best and two kids napping at the same time is a thing of beauty. Enjoy the week! Mel xx

Shelley said...

Yah! Whole stack of wins there. Especially getting both napping at the same time! And Turkish bread, love it!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Perfect ingredients for a fine weekend there Shar. Love the pics, your little lady is uber cute... those AMAZING first smiles, the BEST :) xoxo

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Ahh getting two children to nap at the same time is no mean feat. Go you! No wonder it was a great weekend x

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

HOw good is it getting both kids down at once. Just enough to revitalise you. Phew, just thinking about those days make me tired..I always knew I was coming out the other side though when I had the energy to go for a run.x