Monday, March 5, 2012

Point + Shoot : Up + Down

Escaping - or having myself a 'staycation'
as one clever friend calls it.

My little man was not himself at all for much of this weekend-
and whoever he was certainly didn't like Hubby or I very much a lot of the time!

Magoo feeling off colour, needing extra sleep and possibly fighting some sort
of bug that I didn't want to share with everyone, 
meant that our busy long weekend plans were adjusted, some cancelled
altogether and others pared right back.

I consciously sought lots of snippets of chill (read - lazy) though
and shared plenty of lovely time with my (dual-personality) boy.
One of his finer moments - as deckhand!
I spent lots of time outdoors, elsewhere or on the deck
avoiding the heady paint fumes Hubby was immersed in - for one lousy door frame.

(Yep, I have noted the possible correlation between the paint
 and Magoo feeling unwell - and I feel suitably bad about it.)
It certainly wasn't a weekend write off.

We read, we played, we cuddled, we napped, we shared our favourite
'tasting plates' and Magoo and I went out for a sneaky ice cream
 while Hubby paddled in an event.

There were birthdays and anniversaries to delight in,
pancakes and cupcakes to gobble and
enough cuteness to save Magoo from searchng for his own place just yet.

We walked my favourite walk.
A few times.
I feel so 'transported' when I head up into 'the bush'.
'The bush' five minutes walk from home and smack-bang in the centre of our suburb!
We often meet kangaroos or bobtail friends out bush
and our dog is in sniffy canine heaven up there.
Trust me, butter did in fact melt in that smiley mouth.

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Happy Monday...
(especially if yours is a public holiday like mine!)

Shar :-)


SportyMummy said...

Looks like you still had a lovely relaxing weekend..sound like it was needed! I love going for walks in the bush too! it really lifts everyone's spirits!

Miss Mandy said...

How nice is that, you're still getting gorgeous weather. I live in hope we will see some more sunshine.
Sentimental Summer has finished for this season. Thanks for joining in.

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

You're lucky to have escaped the rain! We've got a bit stretch of bush/ wetlands right next to us too. The bigger kids often escape and build cubby houses with their friends.

melissa said...

I love those last photos of the bush - it looks very relaxing.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

How gorgeous is that little bush walk and I LOVE your lounge chair by the pool. I thinks I would be vewy comfy there :) xxx

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me and you are allowed to be lazy - esp in the first trimester! x

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Staycations are the best! Especially because they're a perfect excuse to laze about!

Coal Valley View said...

Great weekend! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, hope you don't mind ;-)
Mel xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a lovely sounding weekend, despite the lack lustre mood. Magoo is so incredibly cute... and my, he looks like his Mama in these shots. Good on you for finding all that beauty so close to home, sometimes those weekends are the best xo

Carole said...

Nice blog. You might like this poem about mothers.