Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fresh Horses Brigade : It's A sign

This weekend Eden and her Fresh Horses Brigade are all about 'signs'.
Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Signs, symbols, clues, hints, premonitions, tokens, warnings, assurances - I'm into them all.
I'm always looking for signs.

As a chronic over-thinker, it's part of the job description.

I used to look for signs that it was 'all wrong' - you know, to prepare and protect myself. Now I tend to focus on the signs that there's something bigger than me at work.
Something good.

Something that wants me to be happy and bring happy.


When I ran my marathon last year, there were rainbows every which way I looked as I drove to the start line and as I set out on those first few kilometres.
Christianity says that rainbows are a symbol of God's promise to us.
The promise that he will take care of it - that's it going to be just fine.
That day, I took those rainbows as my sign, and ran with 'em - literally.
I felt more mentally strong and serene than I would have thought possible.


When I dragged Magoo to Ireland last year to visit my ill Mum,
I was hesitant about making the trip for a bunch of reasons.
While we were in the air, the surgeons backflipped and decided to perform the previously-too-risky surgery on my Mum during our stay.
While we were in Ireland and Mum was recuperating,
my beautiful aunty/godmother had a stroke right in front of us.
Sad times, but assurance that I was right where I was meant to be.
Signs to trust my instincts.


I decided in the past few months that the demolition of a familiar house
on my run/walk trail was a sign.
I found out that I was pregnant as they levelled the land and laid the slab
for their new house.
I decided that the construction of this new home was going to share my journey.
If I was still pregnant when the roof went on, it was going to be just fine.
Every day that I passed that house, I saw progress.
I rubbed my tummy and watched that structure rise.
The tilers roofed that house the day I went for my gloriously 'normal' 12 week scan.


My iPod keeps shuffling back to Beyonce's 'Run The World (Girls)'.
It's a sign.
Muppet's a 'she' as far as I'm concerned.


I could tip tap this stuff all day - but you may deem it a sign to have me institutionalised.

Happy weekend.
Open your eyes (and mind) - there's signs of greatness everywhere.

My little sister unearthed this 25 year old family photo the other day.
Gotta love being dragged into a Dad joke!

Shar :-)


Naomi said...

I have a theory that the signs are there for everyone, it's just that not all of us care to notice them.

I love your signs, all of them :)

SportyMummy said...

A beautiful post Shar! I love rainbows too.... they always make me feel more peaceful! I love the photo of your dad! it just cracked me up!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Shar...that Beyonce song rocks...a little girl would be beautiful :)

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

I so am nodding my head at the moment as I am such a sign girl. Actually though to be honest sometimes it is to my own detriment as I can see things as bad signs as well as good. That being said, I am so going with you on it's a girl, cause I have just met 2 friends new babies this weekend and they were girls and only an hour ago I wAs having a big convo with my bestie about us not having girls and well I'm wearing a pink shirt as I type this, so there you go :) by the way, your dad totally stole my sneezing pose ;) xxx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, that photo is hilarious, brilliant stuff Shar. I like your theory and I like the signs you've been finding in the every day. Positivity, faith, looking for the good... it's all the kind of stuff that keeps us going xo

MultipleMum said...

Oh my God! I have been so slack with my blog reading and I have missed the 'outing' of the Miss Muppet!?! Such wonderful news Shar. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats xx

Nicole said...

Another nodder here! It's good to know we're not alone in our diverse ways {I've often believed there was something wrong with me for questioning / reading in to everything}. Constantly.

Thank you for posting xx

Teresa said...

You're so right - glorious, happy, positive signs everywhere all around us or just as we need them.

Can't wait to virtually meet miss muppet xox

MaidInAustralia said...

I read Eden's post too and was nodding my head to yours as well. I like to look for 'good' signs as well. It's nice to feel that you're on the right track and that things will work out. Who doesn't love a good rainbow? And that photo of your Dad is priceless!

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Love this! I'm a total sucker for a sign too. When I was pregnant second time round I had a feeling it was a girl and knew I wanted to call her Lila. Then on the day we found out the sex, I had this weird spam email with the title 'Lila something or other' in my inbox and then, after the scan when I walked in to work, there was a magazine one my desk with 'Lila' across the front page (as in Kate Moss's daughter!). Totally meant to be!


Kate Sins said...

ooooh, I see signs everywhere.. all the time, in everything. I talk myself into things and out of things based on little bits and things I've noticed. I like to think I'm not crazy, just a little quirky.

It's surely a sign of a highly evolved, intelligent being to notice the mundane and turn it into something else?!

edenland said...

Run the world ... GIRLS.

Thank you for that beautiful ear worm. And beautiful post ... I didn't know that Christians believed that about rainbows. Learn something new every day.

Your dad looks like the Solo man.