Wednesday, March 14, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 26

The 'Stylin' Edition.

Here I am showcasing the ultimate in Mummy/Daddy style - the juvenile backpack.
I've been sporting this glamorous look when out and about for a few years now and it never fails to disappoint the masses.

Those little coloured monsters completely bringing out my eyes
and doing wonders for my complexion.

It's a fetching look for any parent.
I particularly love seeing a strapping male model toting a lovely pink Dora The Explorer
style down the runway at the local park.

One of the perks of a solo trip (to anywhere - Bunnings'll do!) or a girls' night out
is the opportunity to accessorise with an actual handbag
- one that does not need to facilitate a change of clothes, snacks, entertainment, wipes and emergency supplies (unless I'm planning on a particularly huge night, that is).

I had promised myself that if I had more children I would simply buy
a large, gorgeous handbag and 'Mummy' out of that.
(Like Lou does. She rocks it and I'm jealous every time I see her.)
Alas, reality.
I like a compartment for everything and everything for it's compartment.
Already I'm eyeing off some very nappy-bag looking nappy bags
to replace my trusty Magoo backpack.

Do you travel in style as a parental?
Or do you actually use the twenty seven handbags you lovingly purchased
before having children?

By the way, all kidding aside, I can highly recommend the Penny Scallan bags (unprompted!) - they're seriously durable and they're slightly less offensive than many of the alternatives out there. (Ben 10 - I'm looking at you!)

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The 52 Week Project
Shar  :-)
(with a silent 'r' daaarrling.)


Fiona @ My Mummy Daze said...

Haha you crack me up! I use a big hand bag as my 'nappy bag' but fortunately I can go out and about on short trips without the excess baggage these days.

Mama of 2 boys said...

I think you look dashing with that kiddy pack, gorgeous! Don't worry Shar, this is pretty much how I get around also. My friend bought me the most gorgeous Oroton nappy bag when Felix was born, all black and stealth and very un-mummy like. I used it for a couple of months and then slipped back into my daggy knock around bags. I just struggle with 'stylin it' sometimes xo

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Penny Scanlan all the way for us! beach bag, food bag, they are great. hose out you have finished and dry easy.

Nope not really into handbags, across the body to be practical if I do!x

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

I have a massive plastic coated handbag courtesy of my best friend, very practical and stylish, but have had to go back to also toting around a nappy bag for bubby. I dream though of the days I can ditch the big bags, backpacks and nappy bags and return to small, light, fashionable bags to coordinate with my outfits!
Cute photo, love the monsters!

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

I bought a Kate Spade nappybag as a bit of treat and its been amazing! But I don't think it can compete with your backpack. That is seriously cool ;) x

Farmers Wifey said...

I always had the proverbial big backpack for the nappies and ecetera, now I have my cute litte green handbag with not a piece of Lego in sight!

Kate Sins said...

I have a Vanchi nappy bag but it's always so full I usually have to carry at least one other bag. I'm definitely not rocking the mummy bag thing!

Lee said...

I bought a fancy OiOi nappy bag before Miss A was born and it's doesn't really meet our needs anymore so a reusable green shopping bag it is. And my usual handbag. My hand bag is big enough that if it's just a quick trip out I can easily fit a nappy and wipes in it.
Buy yourself an awesome lady bag and then put one of those nappy folder thingies in it. I have found with second child I take heaps less out with me and wing it.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

You are rocking that bag though lovely :) I was never trendy enough when my bubs were little, I carried around a Gubbi Nappy bag in green, mainly baecause my hubby refused to carry a girls bag and didnt want to be swapping out bags everytime, I would have loved a big leather tote that doubled as a mummy bag. xx