Friday, March 2, 2012

Grateful For...The Fam

I have ridiculous amounts to be grateful for this week.

Probably ridiculously unfair amounts - when there is all sorts of pain 'out there'.

I feel so damn blessed right now that I actually feel self-conscious about it.

(I will not mention the 'b' word in this post.)

I will say that I am grateful for my family.
(As we all are.)

The little family that Hubby and I have created.
The family that genuinely feels like my 'retreat' and my 'escape'.

I walked out of a seriously heavy few days at work later than I meant to this evening.
I walked out knowing that Hubby had also worked later than we planned
and Magoo was being picked up later than either of us would like.

I knew we would effectively have an hour or so of 'family time' to regroup,
eat, bath and cuddle before goodnights.

I made pathetic raspberry "pwoooof" sounds to myself in the car as I chastised us
for 'doing it again'.

Then we all piled in the door here and 'the hour' was heaven.
'The hour' felt like many.
'The hour' was laughing, chasing, scoffing, cuddling, sharing, bouncing, chatting, silliness, sweet cooperation(!) and refreshment.

I thought of nothing but my boys for the entire time we had.
My focus was solely on soaking them up and nothing else mattered.

Except maybe grabbing a snap of the sun setting from our backyard.

Sometimes, it is 'quality over quantity'.

That said, I won't say no to the three day weekend that awaits us.

Have a great one.

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Shar :-)


Miss Mandy said...

love it, own it, be proud, it's not everyday you get to dream about what your creating.

Miss Mandy said...
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Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh i think you are right - you enjoyed the time you had and totally surrendered to is quality not quantity that matters!!! enjoy your weekend xx

lipgloss mumma said...

Lovely post. So much to be grateful for, what a blessing. Love that pic too.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

How delicious are those moments when you leave everything behind! And you are so allowed to say the B word as much as you want, heck I'll even say it for you BABY BABY BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!! Xxx

Anonymous said...

Im with Sonia celebrate the BABY, we all need happy news when there are others suffering,it keeps us going,please dont feel guilty xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

There is never any harm in relishing in the good things in our life Shar, in fact I think it's very healthy to do so. Your family time sounds absolutely blissful and you're so right, it's better to have one perfectly lovely hour, than 8 or more cranky, snappy, ho-hum ones. Enjoy that 3 day weekend... and all that amazing weather you're having! xo

Maxabella said...

You post just POPS with all kinds of wonderful, Shar. I love the idea of having 'ridiculous' amounts to be grateful for. You are blessed indeed, dear you! x