Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wipe On, Wipe Off

I'm all for being green and considering the environmental impact of our selfish, disposable lifestyles... but there's some indulgences I just can't relinquish.
One in particular.
Baby wipes. Wet Ones. Modern Manna.
Whatever you choose to call them.

I've been employing these bad boys since I was a fresh faced teenager working in retail and am committed to the cause.

From the kitchen, to the playroom, to the bedroom (yep!), to the bathroom, the living room, the garage and beyond.

There is no problem too big or small for the trusty baby wipes.

You know all that orange foundation those young (ahem) ladies like to rub generously all over the neckline of clothing in the fitting rooms before deciding that they don't want to purchase them?
(Hey, we've all done it!)

Baby wipes.

Most obviously - a bumful (and often handful) of poo?

Baby wipes.

Interior of the car looking a bit dusty?

Baby wipes.

Reverse into Hubby's car damaging the paint work on both?

Baby wipes.

No toilet paper?

Baby wipes.

No ablutions full stop.

Baby wipes.

Lipstick on that collar, tiger?

Baby wipes.

Pram looking a little grubby?

Baby wipes.

No time for a shower/bath?

Baby wipes.

Make up removal made easy?

Baby wipes.

No time to haul out the cleaning gear as visitors pull in the driveway?

Baby wipes.

Public-use high chair look like it's been publicly used?

Baby wipes.

Dirty feet after playing outside and Mum has just mopped?

Baby wipes.

Sticky fingers of any description?

Baby wipes.

Excess silicone when plumbing a toilet or sink?

Baby wipes.

Surf ski repairs involving resin?

Baby wipes.

Gardening grub?

Baby wipes.

Another tip from the dumb files for you...
Don't use the scented variety.
Smell association is a b*%ch.
Magoo and I spent a whole day searching the car for the (thankfully non existent) rogue poo after I had wiped the interior with the smelly wipes.

Do tell. What do you use these modern magicians for?

Shar :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh Shar, you have hit the nail on the head...I have them in the car. for all sorts of mess...both the kids and mine...hehe. I can often been seen sitting outside the basketball stadium waiting for the girls to finish trainng cleaning the inside of the car,,,and unscented all the way :)

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

I am all of the above, but antiseptic wipes, I have a packet in every bag, every car, in the house and go through them everytime my kids touch something when we are out..I know...OTT!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

You seriously used baby wipes to touch up the paint on your cars?? That is impressive. I am a massive fan of baby wipes... and the ones you use from the looks of it too. But I must say even I am blown away by the multitude of uses you have come up with Shar. Legend! Johnson & Johnson could so employ you as their rep... not such a silly idea :o) xo

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

They are also very good at removing permanent marker stains on hands and getting out the non washable paint.
You've definitely given me a few extra uses though!

Toni said...

No babies here HUZZAH!! so I use them to clean my hands when I'm crafting.

Lou said...

YES! I will never stop buying baby wipes...even when I have no more babies TO wipe. They are gold in bulk 240 packaging.

Vicky said...

I still have baby wipes too, and haven't had a baby to use them on for at least three years!

I use them to wipe up the Mr nobody spills on my chocolate brown suede feel lounge. Once I start I usually end up wiping the whole lounge over and it ends up looking wonderful again.

My three kids know that there is always a stash of wipes in the glove box, or a small packet in my hand bag.

Viva la wipe say I!

Laura @ SpottyOwlDesign said...

Teehee I'm the same.... babywipes and papertowel... they make me feel kind of guilty but they're so handy!!

Just FYI... some brands of baby wipes contain a chemical (which is toxic if inhaled) that has been banned in NZ and led to the recall of the products over there but Australia still allows it because baby wipes aren't *supposed* to go near the face. ANyone with kids knows that they get used to wipe snotty noses, sticky faces or kids just grab them and put them near their faces.

Peggy said...

Brilliant! I am glad I am not the only one that loves baby wipes! I still use them in the loo *ahem* although we no longer have a baby's bum to wipe. I also use them to do a quick clean of the toilet and toilet floor if a friend drops in and I don't have time to grab a cloth.

MultipleMum said...

I agree they are a wonder. Makes me worry what is in them though. You? And then we wipe our precious bundles' bums with them. I used the reusable ones (you wash them in case you were wondering how that might work!) when my twins were in their first year. Made me feel better about myself :-) Once they got past one, straight into the disposables x

PS: My word verification is emmagoo! Spooky!

Kate Sins said...

Bestie and I had the funniest conversation the other day about how many places we use our wipes...

Weird stain on the carpet in the living room? GONE - thanks to baby wipes. I was so impressed with their power.

With you on the scent... It's rather revolting even without the association.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

OMG that is me all over. our kids are long out of baby wipes for the regular use but we have boxes of them stashed around the house for general clean up. In the car, in the hand bag, yup everywhere. Love a girl after my own heart xx