Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Supermarket Snoop

There's nothing liking bumping into your naturopath in the supermarket to make you reassess your trolley.
Or start you searching for a couple of massive bags of LSA to plonk on top of the 'forbidden fruits' in there.
Or start scrambling to hide certain items under others like a naughty child trying to avoid detection.

Does this broccoli make my chocolate look healthy?
I rounded an aisle in Woolworths today and smiled when I recognised my lovely naturopath and her daughter heading in the opposite direction.
Then I actually cursed in my head when I realised that there was chocolate, un-natural yoghurt, processed foods and non organic produce all in plain view for the health goddess world to see.

How had I not been struck with trolley shame before now?
Was it worth mentioning that we were having an Australia Day celebration soon and the soft drink was on special?
Had she heard my son yell-talking about did I want any tampons or pads "for woo undeez and the bad stuffs, Mum"?  (The mind boggles at where he gets the "bad" part from!!)

The worst part is, I was so preoccupied with the contents of my trolley and hoping that she at least awarded me some points for making it dark chocolate, that I barely glanced at hers. Didn't take inventory at all.

But I can tell you that I small mindedly presume the woman in front of me at the register lives alone. Frozen meals and cat food galore on that conveyor belt.

And that the teenagers to the side without nothing but lemons and salt? They're partying tonight - Mexican style.

Do you 'check out' at the check out?
Do you hide any 'unmentionables' in the depths of your trolley?

Shar :-)


Farmers Wifey said...

I remember many times hiding a pregnancy test between the tins of milo and the boxes of sultana bran.

And don't even get me started on the son says at the top of his voice "they are for your bottom mummy)" How the hell would he know they are for around that region???? I do things in private you know.....

Peggy said...

Haha that is so cute! Funny that you should post about shopping trolley contents, as I just left the supermarket after letting my son fill his own shopping basket. I was smiling to myself after seeing he had croissants (2 packets, cos 2 are better than 1), cheese buns, chocolate, a bottle of water and a box of Ritz. Sorted!

Anonymous said...

Go the cat checkin out others trolleys...I dont hide anything in my trolley but have had a cringe when I do run into 'healthier' friend and mine is packed with snacks :)

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Im a big checkout checker outterer...behavioural consumerism somthing I have always found fasinating...some days I am embarrased by some of my know the ones when you have already been to the fruit shop and it just the staples you are getting...other days I am proud - I don wonder what the checkout people think though....

Kate Sins said...

hahaha! love it. yes, i check out other people's trolleys all.the.time. and love to wonder what their lives are like...but it makes me sad too when i see older people and their clearly-eating-alone food. :(

a couple of years ago i was in the supermarket and a little boy pointed to my trolley and yelled to his mum "look mummy, that lady is buying things for her little boy too." the trolley was full of le snacs, and chocolate bars and yogos and all that revolting packaged 'food' targeted at kids. i turned to the lady and said, "yes, they're all for my 26 y-o boy". they were all for husb who LOVES all that rubbish 'food'.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

LMAO - Yup guilty of trolley snooping. i love to see if what people buy matches what I think they will havein their trolley :) xx

My Beautiful World said...

Oh how I have missed your posts. I often get caught with all the naughty stuff in mine and wonder what they must think, and laugh about it later.

Always Wendy