Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forever Friends

I've always claimed I was built for endurance, not speed.

There's a well known idea floating around that friends can be for a season, a reason or a lifetime. The premise is that once you have identified the nature of the friendships in your life, you can then nurture them accordingly.

I truly love the friends I have made in recent years through work, parenting, fitness, our neighbourhood, my Hubby or other friends.

But there is definitely something special about enduring friendships.
The lifetime kind.
The ones that have weathered all manner of seasons, storms and stupidity.

I'm blessed to have a few long, long, long term friends that I am still close to.
These people are high school girlfriends, university buddies and work colleagues from my very first days of teaching.

These friends have seen some seriously bad fashion going on, they've watched in horror as I've put my foot in it - again and they've laughed with me until our cheeks ached.

I hope they'll be there when we laugh until we wet our incontinence pads through.

Through ups and downs and everything in the middle we've remained solid friends.

We've supported each other through excitements, disappointments, relationships, careers, homes, hangovers, pregnancies, losses, motherhood and mother in laws.

They're the ones with whom secrets are pointless and with whom one look can convey a thousand words.

These friends know my family, my neuroses, my history and what shapes the person I am today.

For some unknown, blessed reason they're still here.

With my closest family member some 15,000 kms away, these friends are the family that I have been lucky enough to choose.

These same friends have embraced Hubby and love my Magoo - no matter how poorly behaved either of them may be on any given occasion.


As an old girlfriend (as in we've been friends a long time - not that she's old) and I watched our sons in the bath the other night, we had a giggle at the way our lives and our friendship has evolved.

From propping up the bar, procuring drinks galore and dancing til the sun rose in the 'gool old days' - to playing with, feeding and bathing our kids together in the 'just as good now days'.
There's a gorgeous comfort in that familiarity and endurance.

Thank you, my lifetime friends.
All of you.
Words don't do you justice.

Shar :-) xx


Toni said...

Oh, yes, totally.

You know, there's a saying (attributed to Lee Iacocca but who knows if THAT'S true)
If you have five good friends in your lifetime, you've been blessed.

Good friends are worth everything.

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

What a beautiful post those friendships are truly magical xxx

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

A gorgeous tribute to those beautiful friendships.
It takes a special person to form lasting friendships like that and I am so sure you are special hun xx

Bubby Makes Three said...

I feel totes the same about my 'lifers'... god bless them!!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Oh what a nice story...friends...are life's ne·ces·si·ties. With no sisters they help me bring out my girly side which I love.x

Kate Sins said...

Old friends are lovely, as vital as air and water.

So glad you have that. I really feel for people who, for whatever reason, just don't have girlfriends.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Beautifully written Shar and you're right, there is nothing like a lifelong buddy. Just makes everything seem worthwhile. Love the pics xo

My Beautiful World said...

Very special post my friend I know just how you feel just never want to live without mine. Have a great day.

Always Wendy

Seana smith said...

I really love and miss my school and uni pals int he Uk. Thank goodness for Facebook... and I'm annoyed by the pals who don't do Facebook and so I miss out of hearing wee bits and pieces about their lives.

Lovely to stop for a moment and feel grateful for friends. When we leave our families far behind, our friends here in Oz become doubly special. And so lucky not to lose the old pals too.

Anonymous said...

The pleasure is all ours Shar, for WE are the lucky, blessed ones to have YOU in our life.

It truly was a beautiful thing to see our 'boys in the bath'! Our 'little boys' that is!!! Although I'm sure there would've been even more giggles had the other happened!

We really have enjoyed SO many life adventures together & I look forward to so many more!

You are a 'gem of a friend' Shar. One of the rare, priceless kinds that you put in a special place & admire regularly- for it is beautiful & makes you feel happy!

Lei-Lei xxx

Loads of love