Friday, January 6, 2012

What The?

I have admitted before that I am no green thumb.

So, I'm seeking your assistance in identifying this rare plant species we observed at the Perth Zoo this week.

I'm not convinced that it's native to Western Australia.
I have an inkling that it's unique flowers are believed to have soothing properties but can be quite venomous when proverbially spat.

Magoo and I are regular visitors to the zoo - mainly because it makes me feel as though we're on a (pretty economical) overseas holiday for a few hours - but we have never encountered this plant before.

This baby had us stumped...

Pacifus phoenicea perhaps??

It was a day for bewilderment, really.

Hubby - who is not as regular a visitor to the zoo - was bitterly disappointed to realise he had read the zoo map incorrectly for most of the morning.

His mouth had been mistakenly watering at the thought of a nice thai green curry for lunch.

Unfortunately for him, there was no 'Asian Restaurant' to be found near the picnic area. 
The 'Asian Rainforest' is quite the treat, though.

Shar :-)


Ms K @ Mummybrain said...

LOL poor hubby!

Toni said...

damn those reading errors.

I believe you have found the mythical Dummy Tree!!
I've heard of it before, or possibly I imagined it.

We love the zoo too -- my favourite spot is the meerkats, could watch them for hours.
I was telling a South African friend about them and he said "Yes, we used to have them in our backyard."
I was entranced, and then he said "We used to have so much fun shooting them!"

Naomi said...

Oh poor hubby.
As for the tree. There were times when my daughter was younger I could have done with one of those in my backyard!

SportyMummy said...

Ha! let me know if you find the close relative of the dummy tree.....the money tree!

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Poor hubby! Mine would have cried, lol.

Do you know if they sell seeds for that particular plant??? I'm going to need a bunch of them soon and it'll be so much cheaper to grow my own!

Anonymous said...


Kate Sins said...

Hahaha, some poor little munchkin has had to relinquish their dummy to a tree!? What happened to the fairies? Or giving it to Santa?

Poor hubby, that's the sort of thing mine does. And then expects sympathy.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

LMAO I would love to know the story behind that dummy.
poor hubby - though that will teach a man to think they know better than woman when it comes to maps. We may read them sideways and upside down, but we work it baby! xx

Teresa said...

If you asked Ame, she would tell you it is a 'doedo' tree. I would show her in an effort to get a positive ID but I think she may then ask that we buy one from Bunnings on the weekend and plant it in the garden....or fly to Perth to visit this zoo ;)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, maybe some poor parent got the hump with always having the dummy demanded of them or even seeing it stuck in their child's gob constantly and thought it looked much prettier on that shrub. Very funny whatever the reason behind it :o) xo