Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Loooong Weekeeeend...

It only dawned on me yesterday that the previous few days had actually been the weekend.
A long one, even.

This is because I'm lucky enough to be on one perpetual, never ending (well, not yet anyway) weekend here.
Since wrapping up school in December, I've struggled to keep track of the days and have been permanently switched to holiday mode.
I like it.
I like me, liking it.

Our 'official' weekend kicked off on Friday with our annual street party to celebrate Christmas, New Year, fabulous neighbours, sunshine, food, alcohol, clean air, clear water or anything else you might like to toast.

On Saturday we sang hymns of praise (that may have included some profanity) that Magoo was indeed a well boy again and we could venture down to join friends at their holiday home for New Years Eve.

Once again, we celebrated all the goodies life has to offer - including shiny ones like sparklers, fireworks and glow sticks. We continued to consume enough food and drink to cater for a small nation and laughed ourselves stupid with great people who were embracing 2012 with open arms.

Sunday was an extension of Saturday, really -  with some down time back at home in the mix to recuperate.

On Monday, we had ourselves a gorgeous little family day at the zoo, some driveway chalk graffiti action (with plenty of H), a quiet bbq and the 'de-Christmassing' of our place.

I think the best part is - we don't have to wait another five days to do it all again.
Holidays are heavenly.

Are yours treating you kindly too?
Linking with Mandy's Sentimental Summer series.
A Little Space Like Home
Who doesn't want to soak up these Summer days - and thooooose Su-u-mm-er ni-ig-hts?!!

Shar :-)


SportyMummy said...

Some great pics there! I just love the summer holidays too...family, friends and food!!!

Anonymous said...

Its so great at the moment it feels like the weekend everyday....without running the kids to sports...workin real well for us :)

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Oh it sounds divine! and so glad Magoo got to join in.
Hope the rest of your summer holiday is amazing hun xx

Teresa said...

Sounds like bliss! Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Yep I have lost track of the days and I dont even work...its because my husband is around and kids holidaying I guess. Nice to be like this though, getting out of routine, plenty of time for that!;)

Naomi said...

Great to find your blog and love the family pictures. Looks like you had an awesome time. N x

Mama of 2 boys said...

I just LOVE not having to think about the days... it has been that way around here for weeks too! Having hubby on holi's means that both of us going into shutdown mode and we pretty much just think about meal times and little else ;o)
The pics are awesome Shar, you've really been making the most of this wonderful season xo

Miss Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, love a street party. If you have good neighbours like that you're living in a wonderful neighbourhood.
You did well to get to the zoo after drinking for a nation lol. gorgeous photos.

Peggy said...

Totally sharing the holiday bliss Shar, isn't it just fabulous!? And the weather in our humble city is divine right now.

Enjoy lovely! xo

danneromero said...

thanks for sharing your world, shar.