Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Do...

Post birth (but I'm thinking probably not immediately), I must remember to ...
    The official 'cot handing over ceremony'.


  • Get out of the house
  • Remember birthdays and other celebrations - in particular Magoo's
  • Run (preferably without the presence of something resembling a Winter doona between my legs)
  • 'Ride' the Sushi train that has opened up locally this year
  • Drink a little something something with the first name 'sparkling' -  but that doesn't bear the surname 'water'
  • Trapeze - I'm not kidding
  • Buy a dip and NOT read the ingredient list before deciding whether to eat it
  • Stop thinking of my baby's size and weight in terms relative to fruit or vegetables
  • Eat cold quiche - with bacon even
  • Tie my shoelaces over and over
  • Make and devour my favourite potato salad - with the whole egg mayonnaise
  • Poach myself a runny egg (or better still, have someone else poach me a runny egg)
  • Drop something on the floor (just not the baby) and not ask Magoo to please pick it up for me
  • Get over this obsession with all things chocolate (& food in general)
  • Conveniently place the vacuum in front of Hubby's drawers or car or kayak - or somewhere he might actually notice it
  • Christen my maternity jeans as my new 'skinny' jeans - then I can tweet/post/brag to New Idea that I'm wearing my skinny jeans already
  • Get up from the couch/bed/dining chair/floor without a sound effects reel

  • Oh - and care for my children. Yes. Must remember to do that.
Have I forgotten something? 
I be reckoning I've got twelve more weeks of list making up my sleeve.
Shar :-)


Toni said...

omg all I wanted while carrying my daughter was camembert.
Of course, once she was born I was too tired to chew.
Do we get tummy pics anytime soon?

sascedar said...

salami. you are forgetting salami. ;)sarah

SportyMummy said...

I just had a great idea...I should set up a Sushi train at the maternity hospital....I reckon it would make millions ;)

Great post!!

Maxabella said...

It's good to have a list, Shar. You're onto a winner. x

Anonymous said...

love the skinny jeans idea :)

My Mummy Daze said...

te hehe, love this one Shar!!

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Love your list! most impressed with trapezing too

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Ah, yes you are at that point I see, and it will be soooo good to do these things again....soo good!!xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Only 12 weeks!? It's coming around fast Shar, good thing you've started a list. Love the pics of Magoo, he is SO cute xo

tomi said...

We stopped for sushi on the way home after discharge and it was so good after 9 months of abstinence ;)

Hi and all the best! (came via Good Golly Miss Holly)