Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grateful For.. So Very Much

Remarkably, at the end of this long week which will forever be filed under the heading 'the hardest ones', a hundred and one gratefuls spring to mind.

Far more than I could gather at this time last week - while ignorantly, blissfully unaware of what awaited us.

I'm a million (and then some) times grateful for my gorgeous boy.
I'm so far beyond grateful for Magoo's, um, everything.
Nothing makes you appreciate someone or something more than when they are vulnerable.
Don't tell Magoo he's vulnerable though.
Magoo the brave has put me to shame - wincing and shedding silent tears as he makes his way through botched blood tests and patiently cooperates through appointment after appointment.
He hasn't questioned what is going on or why, but complied with everything.
Magoo tells me that he much prefers MRIs to blood tests at the moment.
As you do, when you're three.

I'm brimming with gratitude for my sweet Hubby.
I have despised seeing him in pain this week, but ironically  have never felt so connected to him either.
He let me fall apart in private and let me see him fall apart too.
He is both my strength and my refuge when I need one or the other - or both.
As a chronic over thinker, I have in the past wondered what would happen to our marriage if we were faced with a 'biggie'. If we were really tested.
I've seen firsthand what the 'biggies' do to families.
Hubby and I have turned to each other and not on one another.
We may not always see eye to eye on simple issues - like when it is appropriate to feed children chocolate - but we're on the same page where it matters.
I will never question the strength of what we have again.

 I'm so very grateful for the support and love of beautiful family.
We have been strengthened and sustained by our families' genuine care - and, unfortunately, their sharing in our pain.
I'm pretty sure that my sister is now more knowledgeable (and passionate) than most general practitioners in the area of leukodystrophies.

I'm grateful and inspired by the amazing friends and communities that surround us.
The outpouring of support that has come our (Magoo's) way is unbelievable.
In so many different forms and with such feeling.
It's humbling.

I'm grateful for the gift of timing.
No matter what eventuates in the coming weeks, the timing of detection has been a literal miracle.
Magoo is not symptomatic.
This early detection gives him (and us) the very, very best chance of treating whatever we are facing.
The MRI Magoo had last month was scheduled for an unrelated (and for now, unresolved) issue.
It is mind blowing to contemplate how many coincidences/chance events/guiding hands from above have led us to where we are.

Despite the circumstances of this week and the clinical realities we face - I feel truly blessed.

Linking with Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful.

Shar xx


Mama of 2 boys said...

I've been thinking of you heaps today Shar. I am so happy to hear that you are taking this mountain on with a world of support behind you. It is indicative of the kind of person you are that you can find all these lovely reasons to be grateful at a time like this. Sending you so much strength and love xoxo

Shelley said...

I just read yesterdays post. And have a tear or two for you. Sending you, hubby and maggo a mountain of cyber hugs. So glad to hear you have so much support and love. xoxo

Jane said...

Oh Gorgeous Girl. What a week. And trust you to have the grace to find the things to be grateful about in the midst of it all. Sending you all my hope and love J x PS Hope you received my email.

Maxabella said...
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Maxabella said...

You're a good woman to come out of this week so beautifully positive. We are all just so glad that despite the road ahead the Magoo is going to be aok. He can't be anything else when he is surrounded by such a wonderful time. x

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

So glad to read how supported you are. Divine timing there. Sending even more strength and love your way x

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

So glad to read how supported you are. Divine timing there. Sending even more strength and love your way x

javajane2011 said...

Oh Shar...this post was oh so beautiful.. it tore at my heartstrings! Im so glad some answers are finally emerging and so glad you have remained so united and positive in your hardest of hard weeks.. Thinking of you all... lots and lots of love..
Jane x

Teresa said...

All the love and positive thoughts in the world to you Shar xox

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Only a beautiful soul like you would find gratitude in the hardest places. This is your strength, it is your armor and it is what is going to get you all through this until Magoo is on the mend. Xxx

mummybowerbird said...

Beautiful Shar, not to sound like a broken record here, but you are one of the most amazing and strong people I've met on my mummy journey. I've thought about you many times over the past weeks when I have complained about the small things and then chided myself for over-reacting and to be grateful for all the good in our lives as you so often remind us. Sending all my positive thoughts and love to you and hubby and to that brave and gorgeous Magoo. xxx