Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Me...

Dear Present Day Shar,

I'm writing this because I know you often shake your head and wonder what I would say if I could see you now.

Do you know what?
It's okay. Let it go.

Yes, my year 2000-ish life is an exciting mix of travel plans, partying, shoppping, fabulous friends, free drinks and fitness.
I have such ambition. I'm aiming to be the youngest female principal in Australia.
I want to build on my honours degree with a masters or doctorate.

I live a selfish lifestyle.
I live in fear of nothing - except criticism and getting fat.
I pretty much do what I want, when I want. (As long as it's not too fattening!)

And your life?
Well, c'mon it is pretty tame, isn't it?
Tame - but not necessarily lame - don't get offended Mrs Still-Somewhat-Over-Sensitive.

You let those career aspirations fly baby 
- fly right out the window once that switch flicked and you decided 'babies r us'.
I mean, part-time? Maternity leave? Ha ha!

You're not going to set the world on fire any day soon - but you sure do cross off a mean 'to do' list.

Shar 2012, you have a wonderful husband and (almost) two beautiful children.
You're more maternal and affectionate than I would have ever thought possible.

We didn't even kiss goodnight around our place growing up - and look at you all mushy, gushy, gaa-gaa!!
Although, that kid you've got is pretty damn cute.

Hey, you have a dog!! How's that?
You and a dog all loved up -  after all these years and that big scare on the front lawn.

You've found a fantastic guy.
The 'one' - the one you weren't looking for.
Far too much like our Dad for my liking - but a terrific man.
You're a brilliant team - and you don't constantly second guess your worth when you're with him.
Nice work - at last.

Okay, so you're excited about tax time and that snazzy new laundry tap.
You love Tupperware and the toy catalogues send you into a spin.
I can deal with that.
At least you still go to the hairdresser regularly. Don't you?

Your confidence astounds me.
You're no longer ruled completely by what others will think of you.
You don't punish yourself (as) mercilessly for stuffing up.
Despite your foot in mouth and related syndromes, you know that you're a good sort.
Because you say so - not because others have told you so (and not because you need to hear it constantly anymore).
That's pretty cool.

And your friends? They're just the best.
And lots of them are mine too.
That is absolutely awesome.
I knew they were keepers.
Keep cherishing these people - they're amazing - and the source of so much strength.

On that note, you have some big-ass shoulders there, sister.
All this boxing must be paying off for you.
Even though you sook and cry in the shower when it's all too much, you are strong.
Your family can rely on you to hold it together, to fight when you need to and to keep perspective - mostly.

So, don't be ashamed when you think of my plans, dreams and aspirations.
Think of that Powederfinger/ Hilltop Hoods track that your Hubby and yourself love to sing to each other -
"These days turned out nothin' like I had planned. This liiiife - turned out nothing like Iiiiii had plannned."

It's better than you could have foreseen.

Love Shar Of Ten Plus Years Ago.

P.S. How much must you weigh now, Chubster?!!
       I love that you don't let it dominate you anymore - bot woooaaah girl!!! :-) xx



Leesa @ loveteaandme said...

Such a clever post! Got me thinking about what myself of ten plus years ago would say now! Amazing how priorities and dreams change when you become a Mum!!!

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

This is awesome Shar, I love it!
Oh how life takes funny turns and how we laugh at what we used to belive would be our future!
Thanks for the smile this morning Shar xoxox

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

great post! Love how you have let go of certain things..I think this comes down to gaining perspective? Yah for getting older, it does have some merits;) Ps - have you got test results back? (may have missed a post so ill go check)x

Mama of 2 boys said...

You are SO clever and have a brilliant writing style, it's truly beautiful Shar. You are owning this life my friend, keep on being loud and proud of it and YOU.
And on a side note, how totally awesome are Powderfinger. This Life & My Kinda Scene are two of my all time faves xoxo

MultipleMum said...

:-) x

Jane said...

Just fabulous, Sweets. I'm so pleased to count as one of those friends. You are a legend. J x

Robyn said...

great idea to do a post like this!

Jane said...

Me again, Sweetheart. I've been meaning to write my own letter to the 18 year old me for some time - thanks for the reminder! Thanks so much for joining the POTMC. J x