Thursday, June 7, 2012

Same, Same - So What?

Rant time...

Two of the most incredible, beautiful children I teach this year each happen to have two parents of the same gender.

It's the biggest non-issue within our classroom -  and as far as our private, Christian school is concerned.

Their respective parents are not only beautiful people - but wonderfully supportive, involved and admirable parents.

It has been years since I deliberately wiped the term 'Mum and Dad' from my vocabulary when addressing students and discussing their families. I speak about 'families', 'parents', 'households' and 'communities'.

There is no 'norm', therefore there should be no judgement.

Call me ignorant, but I just don't get all the fuss.

If two people who love one another, want to commit themselves (in this day and age when so many don't) - what is the big deal??

Over the years, I've seen some destructive, dysfunctional family structures rip childrens' lives apart.
Heterosexual, destructive, dysfunctional family structures.

In my blunt, honest opinion we (meaning mixed gender couples) have hardly made a case for marriage full stop - between a man and a woman or otherwise.
Adultery, abuse, family breakdown....
We've hardly held this 'holy' institution in high regard across the board, have we?

In addition, many of those people more vocally opposed to homosexuality like to condemn the 'lifestyle choices' that are often associated with the gay community.
Apparently promiscuous behaviour, loose morals and offensive values are the problem - if you listen to the knockers.
But, when a gay couple wants to commit to one another and among other things declare their monogamy - that's an issue???

Maybe I'm missing something here -  but why would someone else's choice, that really has no bearing on my life, be worth getting all fired up about?
Wouldn't my energy be better spent working on the relationships in my own life?
Shouldn't these people be putting their supposedly higher morals to use in a more positive, charitable fashion?

Live and let live.
And lighten up for goodness sake.
Hey, Magoo?!
End of rant.

Shar :-)

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SportyMummy said...

Very well said and I agree whole heartedly :)

Anonymous said...

Well said and love the photo.

Miss Mandy said...

yeap yeap and yeap!

Peggy said...

Couldn't have said it better Shar!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh hear hear and bravo Shar! A brilliant post.
I am baffled by the extent of concern some people seem to have about same sex relationships. It's really odd, in my opinion. I am with you all the way, as long as there is love and respect and kindness, I don't care how a family is formed.
Live and let live I say xo

sascedar said...

absomalutely. non issue. too busy worrying about kiddos living under the floorboards because the house is not safe to judge a loving family unit.

Kate Sins said...

Feel free to rant whenever you want, I love reading them ;)

I don't get what all the fuss is about. And the church proclaiming marriage is theirs? Bah, bloody bandwagon jumper-onerers. Marriage was instituted as a business transaction way before the church got involved...

Let them be. Let people do what they want.

Leesa @ loveteaandme said...

Definitely something to think about! Hope I can teach my daughter to grow up with an open minded attitude such as yours! Great post!

Laura @ SpottyOwlDesign said...

Yes, I completely agree!! I'm fine with people not being comfortable with homosexual relationships but our secular government has no right to impose laws of a religious nature upon us. And the only reasonable arguments againt mariage equality are religious ones!

MultipleMum said...

We have a set of same sex parents in Doo Dah's class. It caused a bit of eyebrow raising between people when the class list was published, but no real judgey judgey stuff. Like you, I couldn't care less. You just want kids to have a happy and supportive parent/s. Whether it is Mandy and Sandy or John and Ron or John and Mandy, it doesn't bother me. Good for you on the inclusive language x

My Mummy Daze said...

Yes, yes, yes! Well said Shar, and completely agree! Thanks for linking up xx

Bronwyn said...

I agree with you 100%. I live in a community where having same-sex parents is normal. And they are all just wonderful members of the community. No different to any other.