Friday, June 29, 2012

Grateful For...Gratitude!

This week marks the two year anniversary of 'Gratefuls' over at Maxabella Loves (and now at Kidspot).
Bron's throwing a little par-tay, so you should pop in.

I love throwing my two cents worth towards the 'Gratitude Love In' that happens at the end of each week.

This 'Grateful' happens to be my 50th grateful post (yep - I counted!) and I don't envision running out of things to be thankful for anytime soon.

All these 'Grateful For....s'  have served to remind me of what is truly important.

They've sometimes forced me to take a step back and see the big picture - or take a good hard look at my selfish, petty complaints and bin them.

They've regularly pushed me to articulate the often unspoken but genuine appreciation I have for the people around me and the countless blessings in my life.

They have regularly recentred me and 'corrected' my frame of mind.

Over the past year or so, I have been 'Grateful For...' everything from love, family and community to knicker claimers, wall tiles and seafood platters.

This week I am grateful for busy-ness.
The distraction that has been list after list, task after task, outing after outing - all diverting my attention from what lurks beneath.
Distracting me from wrapping (wrecking?) my head around Magoo's test results and the ramifications they hold.

The next few weeks (4 weeks, 6 days - but who's counting?) are going to require patience and perspective on my part.
Failing to maintain those those virtues (which I often do), I've always got busy, busy, busy as a back up plan.

Come be grateful - it's a fabulous start to the weekend.

Shar :-) xx


Anna @ green tea n toast said...

I haven't done a grateful post for a while - but I really should as it is a lovely way to stop and take stock. Hope everything is going ok for you at the moment Shar. Thinking of you lots xxx

Maxabella said...

Fifty is big,mShar. Congratulations on having such a clear and unique voice for every single one of them. x

Kate Sins said...

Fifty!? Gosh, you're amazing. I haven't written a Grateful post for a while but I think I might join in this week.

Sending you much love, xx

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

50 is a big and fabulous number! Well done! x

ally said...

50 is fab
Good luck with the distractions too

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

50 is awesome! Wishing you much love & strength for the next few weeks x

jody said...

Wow! 50 is awesome!! x